Level Seven, a technology company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has spent decades helping organizations implement technology solutions that directly impact the bottom line.


Level Seven has been involved in remanufacturing since the early 1990s, when we created a solution for managing aircraft engine components. Over the past few decades, we found that most major ERP systems do not provide the functionality needed to address the two biggest pain points for remanufacturers, core tracking and teardown. We recognized this need for improved remanufacturing solutions and developed a solution to meet the needs of this underserved market.


As a result, we responded to the market by developing two software solutions for the remanufacturing industry. The first solution - Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Reman - is a full ERP solutions that includes both traditional ERP functions as well as reman-specific functions. This solution is ideal for an organization that has not used an ERP or is looking to modernize their existing ERP. The second solution – RemanCoreConnect – is optimal for organizations that have an existing ERP but are looking for reman-specific features like core tracking and teardown capabilities.