Level Seven adopted Progress in the 1980's and used it to develop a wide variety of custom applications for clients. Many of these applications continue to thrive under the stability of Unix/Linux and the evolution of Progress due to on-going support and as-needed enhancement from Level Seven.

Today, Progress Software’s toolkits span the Command-Line Era, the GUI Era, the Web Era and the Cloud Era to enable Level Seven to provide our clients with custom business solutions that fit their needs, their budgets, and their timelines. Our team can:

  • Maintain and tune your current system

  • Create additional functionality, solutions and enhancements

  • Integrate Progress-based applications with third-party or custom software

  • Provide ongoing support

Whether you have a “legacy” application or a vision to build a modern solution, Level Seven’s Progress expertise can provide you with answers to your problems. 

Dreaming of something bigger?

Modern Progress tools will build scalable applications that can be deployed on desktops, web browsers and mobile devices. In addition to its core application development and deployment products, Progress offers a variety of tools: “Platform as a Service” products, graphical business rules management, and UI enhancement kits.

Already have the perfect Progress solution in place but need to squeeze more performance out of your existing systems?

DBA (database administration) can be a complex and overwhelming task, especially if you don’t have a dedicated staff of Progress IT experts monitoring your database around the clock. Level Seven professionals can analyze and tune your software and identify bottlenecks and needed enhancements.

Why not get the most out of the software you already paid for?

Software rarely succeeds as a standalone application in today’s business environment. Instead, application integration is essential. Since Progress is ODBC-compliant, it can provide access to, and be accessed by, many other platforms such as Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, Office, SQL, and Microsoft Navision. Additionally, we can integrate Crystal Reports with your Progress-based applications (as well as create powerful, dynamic reports with stunning visualizations that empower your end users!).